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The Spanking Table

The house was upscale in a nice part of town; the hosts were dressed for a nice dinner party. They expected that everyone would wear dinner semi-formal wear, no jeans. We made some small talk and had a few drinks, then took a tour of the house. There were several bedrooms setup as fantasy rooms; a playroom, a bed-only room, a spa room and a school room. I was intrigued with the playroom. I had some fantasies beginning to form in my head.

We met a couple that said they were swingers; I was not familiar with that type of lifestyle but they were very patient to explain that they had an open relationship. They played together and separately when they wanted to, but mostly together. I was amazed at their closeness and trust in each other to share their sexuality that way. Since they were so open with their life story, I became more open about my fantasies about the playroom. They said that it was one of their favorite rooms. They invited me to share it with them. I was intrigued enough to agree, and we headed upstairs with drinks and laughter.

We all agreed that they would teach me a bit about bondage and submission, beginning with the spanking table. I was a bit nervous when they strapped me to the table, but Magen constantly touched and soothed me, and began fondling me; before I knew it I was totally relaxed and getting very turned on. Sam began gently teasing me with different paddles and whips, nothing harsh no real “spanking” yet, just allowing me to get familiar with the toys.

Magen was playing with my clit and fingering me harder and more intensely as Sam continued to tease. I got lost in the waves of desire and near orgasm, just as I was ready to climax with Magen’s fingers deep inside me; Sam snaps my ass with some type of strap or whip. The shock of the smack and pain at first threw me off, but Magen was still fingering me and began licking my clit from under the table. The pain sensation turned into a burning heat making me more wet and aroused. The next smack from Sam, even unexpected was not as shocking, and the pain then the hot burning desire were now expected. He shortened the time between spankings and fondling me with the toys, each time he increased the snap just a bit, causing me to get more and more excited and hot. I was so ready to explode but the flashes of pain delayed the orgasm a bit until finally, I was screaming for release. Magen changed from fingering me to one of the most awesome vibes I had ever felt, it seemed to be touching me everywhere at once or alternating between hot spots. Just as she turned a clit tease on high vibe, Sam spanked me several times very fast and hard…I was gone. I had never screamed in release like that before, it was the most intense orgasm I had ever felt, like I really exploded.